About Us

Dr. Chirag Modi

N.D., M.D.(A.M.), LSHMP, Iridologist,
Neuro-Bowen Therapist, Ozone Therapist

Dr. Chirag Mody is MD in Para Medical Science and practicing *since 1996*
He treats all type of diseases with the help of different type of treatments through para medical science.

*Neurotherapy* in which Stimulation of Nerves for Activating Glands to Secret Chemical (Enzymes and Hormones) which are the Part of Our Daily Routine Life like Acid and Bile to Digest Food or Insulin to Convert Carbohydrate into energy, Like that There are Thousands of Chemicals and If It Lacks in Our Body We are Susceptible to be Diseased so Neurotherapy Helps to Restore our Inherent Power to the Normal by Activating Glands to Secret Enzymes and Hormones